Margaret Hawton

Professor Emeritus

PhD (Waterloo),

MSc, HBSc (New Brunswick)

Phone: (807) 343-8633


Current research interest: photon position




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Student Theses and Projects

Isabelle Gauthier, 2010, Undergrad thesis, Electron-positron annihilation via the two-photon pathway

Zachari Medendorp, 2008, Undergrad thesis, Where is the photon?

Ian MacKay, 2003, CUPC talk, Emission of a photon in a multimode cavity

Laura Pedri, 2002, Interaction of bacteria with hydrophilic and hydrophobic surfaces

See also, Sophie Itier's Report ; Laura's APS talk

Michael Sawler, Stimulated emission of terahertz radiation

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M. Hawton , 200, Photon localizability, talk to Max Planck Research Group for Optics, Erlangen, Germany

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